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Coin Articles and Mini - Articles

Roman coin collecting - a fascinating and affordable hobby
Faustina the Elder denarius - the author's first Roman coin
Ancient coins by mailorder
- some things to consider
Attributing ancient Roman coins
Imperial Propaganda on Reverses of Roman Coins
Coins Reflect Many Languages and Cultures Within One Great Empire
Mint Marks and Officina Letters on later Roman coins
Using Compact Symbols to Broadcast News and Ideas
A Gallery of Reverse Images and What They Symbolize
Portraits of the Emperor and His Family
Good Money, Bad Money, and Runaway Inflation
Inflation and Debasement of the Coinage
Diocletian Reforms the Money System and the Coinage
The End of Imperial Coinage in the West and a Brief Revival Under the Ostrogoths
A Glossary of Coin Collecting Terms
The Copper and Brass Coinage of the Early Empire
Coins from Roman Spain's Turbulent Early Years
A Magnificent Pageant of Roman Ladies in Copper and Orichalcum
The Military Standard on Parade
The Roman Imperial Denarius
A Collection of Third Century Antoniniani
Strange and Unusual Coins of the Romans, Byzantines, and Barbarian Kingdoms
A Portrait of the Horse in Antiquity
Jerome E Faux - Virtual Coin Dealer

Allegorical Figures and Personifications


Attributes of Allegorical Figures

Curule Chair
Globis Cruciger (Cross on Globe)
Manus Dei (Hand of God)
Modius (Grain measure)
Radiate Crown
Mural Crown
Ship's Prow (ROSTRUM)
Victoriola, Victory

Coin Galleries - Third Century

Radiates struck during the late Third and early Fourth Centuries - Coin Gallery
Secessionist Emperors Radiates struck during the late Third and early Fourth Centuries - Coin Gallery
Follises of the Tetrarchs and the Constantinian Period
Roman Egyptian Tetradracms struck during the mid to late Third Century - Coin Gallery

Coin Galleries - Fourth Century

Reduced Follises of Licinius I and Licinius II struck during the early Fourth Century - Coin Gallery
Camp Gate Reverse Types, Constantine and His Soms
GLORIA EXERCITVS small bronze types showing soldiers with one or two standards (Updated Images) - Coin Gallery
GLORIA EXERCITVS types (2 Soldiers, 2 standards), Constantine and His Sons - Coin Gallery
GLORIA EXERCITVS types, (2 Soldiers, 1 standard) Delmatius - Coin Gallery
GLORIA EXERCITVS types, (2 Soldiers, 1 standard) Constantine and His Sons - Coin Gallery
Wreath With Votis Reverse Legend Types - Constantine II to Arcadius - Coin Gallery
Victory Advancing Left Reverses - Starting With Gratian and Valentinian II - Coin Gallery
Victory Advancing Left Reverses - Theodosius I - Coin Gallery
Victory Advancing Left Reverses - Arcadius - Coin Gallery
Fourth Century Roman Bronze Coins - Index of Mini Articles
Scarce and Unusual Late Fourth and Early Fifth Century Reverse Types - Honorius, Theodosius II, Marcian, Leo, etc. - Mini Article

Late Roman Bronze Types - Mini Articles

Identifying Common Fourth Century Roman Bronze Coins - Mini Article
A Picture Gallery of Fourth Century Reverse Types - Mini Article
Camp Gate types - Mini Article
Altar Inscribed VOTIS XX types - Mini Article
Two Soldiers Standing With Two Standards types - Mini Article
Two Soldiers Holding One Standard types - Mini Article
Wreath With Legend Inside types - Mini Article
Soldier Spearing a Fallen Horseman types - Mini Article
VRBS ROMA Commemorative - Mother Wolf Suckling Twins Romulus and Remus types - Mini Article
CONSTANTINOPOLIS Commemorative - Victory Standing on Prow of Ship
Two Victories Holding Wreaths types - Mini Article
Emperor Holding Labarum or Standard and Dragging Captive types - Mini Article
Victory Advancing Left types - Mini Article
A Key to Fourth Century Inscriptions - Mini Article
Some Scarcer Late Fourth Century and early Fifth Century Types - Mini Article