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Abdication by Roman Emperors
Accuracy in ancient sources
Actium, Battle of
Aelia Flaccilla
Aelius Caesar A. D. 136 - 138
Aemilianus Emperor A. D. 253
Flavius Aetius, The Last of the Great Roman Generals
AgrippaImperial General c. 31 - 12 B. C.
Agrippina the Elder Granddaughter of Augustus and Wife of Germanicus
Agrippina the Younger Wife of Claudius and Mother of Nero
Ahenobarbus Imperatorial General c. 42 - 32 B. C.
Alaric the Visigoth and Stilicho the Master General
Alba Longa
Allectus Emperor in Rebel Britain A. D. 293 - 296
Allegorical figures and personnifications
The Roman Alphabet still in use in modern times
Alphabetical index of Emperors, Noblewomen, Imperators, and Caesars
Amalasuntha, Queen of the Ostrogoths
Anastasius Emperor A. D. 491 - 518
Antoninus Pius Emperor A. D. 138 - 161
Arcadius Emperor A. D. 395 - 408
Roman Army Camps
The Roman army legionary's Basic Equipment c. A. D. 100 Roman Army Units
Augustus (Formerly Octavian) First Roman Emperor 27 B. C. - A. D. 14
Aurelian Emperor A. D. 270 - 275
Aurelian's Wall - the Outer Defenses of the City of Rome
Authors: Truth, Bias, and Point of View
Avitus Emperor A. D. 456 - 457

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