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Pompey the Great Imperator, c. 81 - 48 B. C.
Sextus Pompey Imperatorial General, c. 45 - 35 B. C.
Julius Caesar Imperator & Dictator, 61 - 44 B. C.
Brutus Imperatorial General, c. 50 - 42 B. C.
Cassius Imperatorial General, c. 50 - 42 B. C.
Ahenobarbus Imperatorial General c. 42 - 32 B. C.
Marcus Antonius Imperator and General, c. 61 - 30 B. C.
Lepidus Imperator, c. 46 - 42 B. C.
Augustus (Formerly Octavian) First Roman Emperor 27 B. C. - A. D. 14
AgrippaImperial General c. 31 - 12 B. C.
Tiberius Emperor A. D. 14 - 37
Drusus Son of Tiberius, Murdered A. D. 23
Nero Claudius Drusus Brother of Tiberius
Germanicus Nephew and Adopted Son of Tiberius
Caligula Emperor A. D. 37 - 41
Claudius Emperor A. D. 41 - 54
Britannicus Son of Claudius
Nero Emperor 54 - 68
Clodius Macer Rebel against Galba A. D. 68
Galba Emperor A. D. 68 - 69
Otho Emperor A. D. 69
Vitellius Emperor A. D. 69
Vespasian Emperor A. D. 69 - 79
Titus Emperor A. D. 79 - 81
Domitian Emperor A. D. 81 - 96
Nerva Emperor A. D. 96 - 98
Trajan Emperor A. D. 98 - 117
Hadrian Emperor A. D. 117 - 138
Aelius Caesar A. D. 136 - 138
Antoninus Pius Emperor A. D. 138 - 161
Marcus Aurelius Emperor A. D. 161 - 180
Lucius Verus Co-Emperor A. D. 161 - 169
Commodus Emperor A. D. 180 - 192
Pertinax Emperor A. D. 193
Didius Julianus Emperor A. D. 193
Clodius Albinus Contender For the Throne A. D. 195 - 197
Pescennius Niger Contender For the Throne A. D. 193 - 194
Septimius Severus Emperor A. D. 193 - 211
Geta Emperor A. D. 211 - 212
Caracalla Emperor A. D. 211 - 217
Macrinus Emperor A. D. 217 - 218
Elagabalus Emperor A. D. 218 - 222
Severus Alexander Emperor A. D. 222 - 235
Maximinus I (The Thracian) Emperor A. D. 235 - 238
Gordianus I Africanus Emperor A. D. 238
Gordianus II Africanus Emperor A. D. 238
Balbinus and Pupienus Emperors A. D. 238
Gordianus III Emperor A. D. 238 - 244
Philip I (The Arab) Emperor A. D. 244 - 249
Philip II Caesar A. D. 247 - 249
Pacatian and Jotapian Usurpers A. D. 248
Trajan Decius Emperor A. D. 249 - 251
Herennius Etruscus Emperor A. D. 251
Hostilian Emperor A. D. 251
Trebonianus Gallus Emperor A. D. 251 - 253
Volusianus Emperor A. D. 251 - 253
Aemilianus Emperor A. D. 253
Uranius Antoninus Usurper in Emesa A. D. 253 - 254
Valerian I Emperor A. D. 253 - 260
Gallienus Emperor A. D. 253 - 268
Saloninus Emperor A. D. 259
Valerian II Caesar A. D. 253 - 255
Macrianus Usurper in the East, A. D. 260 - 261
Quietus Usurper in the East, A. D. 260 - 261
Postumus Emperor in Rebel Gaul A. D. 259 - 268
Laelianus Emperor in Rebel Gaul A. D. 268
Marius Emperor in Rebel Gaul A. D. 268
Victorinus Emperor in Rebel Gaul A. D. 268 - 270
Tetricus I Emperor in Rebel Gaul A. D. 270 - 273
Tetricus II Emperor in Rebel Gaul A. D. 270 - 273
Claudius II Gothicus Emperor A. D. 268 - 270
Quintillius Emperor A. D. 270
Aurelianus Emperor A. D. 270 - 275
Valabathus Dux Romanorum, Ruler of Palmyra A. D. 271 - 272
Tacitus Emperor A. D. 275 - 276
Florianus Emperor A. D. 276
Probus Emperor A. D. 276 - 282
Carus Emperor A. D. 282 - 283
Carinus Emperor A. D. 283 - 285
Numerianus Emperor A. D. 283 - 284
Carausius Emperor in Rebel Britain A. D. 287 - 293
Allectus Emperor in Rebel Britain A. D. 293 - 296
Diocletian Emperor A. D. 284 - 305
Maximianus Emperor A. D. 286 - 305 and 306 - 308
Galerius Caesar A. D. 293 - 305, Emperor 305 - 311
Constantius I (Chlorus) Emperor A. D. 305 - 306
Severus II Caesar A. D. 305 - 306, Emperor 306 - 307
Maximinus II Caesar A. D. 305 - 308, Emperor 309 - 313
Constantine I (The Great) Emperor A. D. 306 - 337
Maxentius Emperor A. D. 306 - 312
Romulus Caesar, Died A. D. 309
Licinius I Emperor A. D. 308 - 324
Licinius II Caesar A. D. 317 - 324
Crispus Caesar A. D. 317 - 326
Delmatius and Hanniballinus Caesars A. D. 335 - 337
Constantine II Emperor A. D. 337 - 340
Constans Emperor A. D. 337 - 350
Constantius II Emperor A. D. 337 - 361
Constantius Gallus Caesar A. D. 351 - 354
Magnentius Emperor A. D. 350 - 353
Decentius Caesar A. D. 351 - 353
Vetranio Caesar A. D. 350
Julian II (The Apostate) Emperor A. D. 361 - 363
Jovian Emperor A. D. 363 - 364
Valentinian I Emperor A. D. 364 - 375
Valens Emperor A. D. 364 - 378
Gratian Emperor A. D. 367 - 383
Valentinian II Emperor A. D. 375 - 392
Eugenius Emperor A. D. 392 - 394
Magnus Maximus Emperor A. D. 383 - 388
Theodosius I (The Great) Emperor A. D. 379 - 395
Honorius Emperor A. D. 395 - 423
Arcadius Emperor A. D. 395 - 408
Constantine III Emperor A. D. 407 - 411
Constans Emperor A. D. 408 - 411
Constantius III Emperor A. D. 421
Priscus Attalus Puppet Emperor A. D. 409 - 410 and 414 - 415
Johannes Usurper A. D. 423 - 425
Theodosius II Emperor A. D. 402 - 450
Valentinian III Emperor A. D. 425 - 455
Petronius Maximus Emperor A. D. 455
Avitus Emperor A. D. 456 - 457
Majorian Emperor A. D. 457 - 461
Minor 5th Century Western Emperors A. D. 461 - 480
Romulus Augustulus Emperor A. D. 475 - 476
Marcian Emperor A. D. 450 - 457
Leo I Emperor A. D. 457 - 474
Zeno Emperor A. D. 474 - 491
Anastasius Emperor A. D. 491 - 518
Justin I Emperor A. D.518 - 527
Justinian Emperor A. D. 527 - 565

Cleopatra VII, Last Queen of Egypt
Agrippina the Elder
Agrippina the Younger
Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni
Faustina the Elder
Faustina the Younger
Julia Domna
Julia Maesa
Julia Soaemias
Julia Mamaea
Otacilia Severa
Herennia Etruscilla
Galeria Valeria
Theodora, First Wife of Constantius I
Helena - The Tavern Girl Who Became an Empress and a Saint
Aelia Flaccilla
Galla Placidia, A Storybook Princess
Licinia Eudoxia
Amalasuntha, Queen of the Ostrogoths

Entire Roman History Booklist in alphabetical order
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Jesus of Nazareth, The Alpha and the Omega
Throwing Christians to the Lions: Fact and Legend
The Martyrdom of Perpetua
A Last Violent Test of Faith Under Diocletian
The Catacombs: A Place of hiding and Worship For the Early Church
The Bones of Saints
The Legend of St. Helena and the Sweet Basil
The Chi - Rho XP
The Christogram
At the Ends of the Earth, There You Will Find a Monastery

The Orient
Pannonia, Illyria, Illyricum, and Dalmatia
Eboracum (York)
A Small Greek City Reborn in Splendor
A New Capital For a New Empire

Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread Roman Bread and Breadmaking
Basic Food For Ordinary people

The Ancients' First Use of Money
What are the Functions of Money?
Some Different Economic Systems in History

Alba Longa

"We Can Build It Better!"
Roman Bridges and Bridge Building
"All Roads Lead to Rome"
Buildings of Artificial Stone
Elegantly Laid Out Cities
Iron and Steel -- Or Magic?
Bronze, Brass and Orichalcum
The Legendary Tin Mines of Cornwall
Bronze Age Weapons of Rome's Enemies
Did The Romans Actually Make Their Coins From Lead?
How Did the Romans Plate Their Coins With Silver?
Did the Romans Have Metal Springs?

Quick Index of Emperors, Noblewomen, Imperators, and Caesars
Military and Civil Service Terms A to L
Military and Civil Service Terms M to Z
Military and Civil Service Terms in Table Form
A Glossary of Coin Terms
Article defining allegorical figures and personnifications

A Quick Look at Governments In Classical Times
The Kings of Early Rome
The Roman Senate
A Colorful Pageant of Imperial Government Officials
The Consistory
Symbols of Authority and Power
Nototia Dignitatum: A Bejewelled List of Important Government and Army Officers
Governing the Different Geographical Regions of the Empire

The Crisis of the Third Century
The Barracks Emperors
Rebellions and Breakaway Empires
Good Money, Bad Money, and Runaway Inflation
The Tetrarchy
Abdication by Roman Emperors
Diocletian Reforms the Money
A New Empire -- The World of Late Antiquity From Diocletian Onward
An Increasingly Remote and Deified Emperor
First Barbarian Invasions
Goths Enter and Settle Within the Roman Empire
The Final Division of the Empire into East and West in A. D. 395
The Nika Revolt and the Courage of an Empress (A. D. 532

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A Fascinating and Affordable Hobby
The Beautiful Lady Who Started It All
The Author's First Mailorder Ancient Coin Purchase
Imperial Propaganda on Reverses of Roman Coins
Many Languages and Cultures Within One Great Empire
Using Compact Symbols to Broadcast News and Ideas

A Gallery of Reverse Images and What They Symbolize
- A Coin Article Mini - Series

Portraits of the Emperor and His Family
Diocletian Reforms the Money System and the Coinage
The End of Imperial Coinage in the West and a Brief Revival Under the Ostrogoths
A Glossary of Coin Collecting Terms
The Copper and Brass Coinage of the Early Empire
Coins from Roman Spain's Turbulent Early Years
A Magnificent Pageant of Roman Ladies in Copper and Orichalcum
The Military Standard on Parade
GLORIA EXERCITVS small bronze types showing soldiers with one or two standards are
The Roman Imperial Denarius
A Collection of Third Century Antoniniani
Follises of the Tetrarchs and the Constantinian Period
A Small Group of Later Third Century Roman Egyptian Tetradracms
An Inexpensive Collection of late Roman Bronze Coin Reverse Types
Small Bronze Coins With Two Soldiers Holding One or Two Standards Reverses
Strange and Unusual Coins of the Romans, Byzantines, and Barbarian Kingdoms
A Portrait of the Horse in Antiquity
Jerome E Faux - Virtual Coin Dealer

The First and Second Triumvirates

A legionary's Basic Equipment c. A. D. 100
Roman Army Units
Praetorian Prefect
Roman Army Camps
Starving a City Into Submission With Siege Tactics
Wild Asses and Other Artillery
Sherman Tank - Roman Style
The Army on the Frontiers
The MAGISTER MILITVM, the Master Generals of the Army
Alaric the Visigoth and Stilicho the Master General
Aurelian's Wall: Tthe Outer Defenses of the City of Rome
Flavius Aetius, The Last of the Great Roman Generals
Roman Warships
The Basic naval Tactic of Ramming
Parts of a Roman Warship
The Battle of Actium

A Portrait of the Horse in Antiquity

The Father of the Roman Family
Clients and Patrons
The Education of the Young Roman From Infancy to Adulthood

Transportation and Voyaging by Sea in Roman Times
Roman Roads and Land Transportation

Rome's Greatest Gift to Us: Her Alphabet
Writing Materials in the Roman World
From Scroll to Bound Book: An Innovation that Changed Our World Forever
Ancient Writers: Truth, Bias, and Point of View
The Ancient Art of Telling a Lie
How Do We Know They Were Telling the Truth?
What Ancient Historians Thought of History
The Priestly Records
Cato the Elder
Titus Livy
Julius Caesar as Historian
Dio Cassius
The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius
Pliny the Elder, Natural Historian and Scientist