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Emperor A.D 253

Marcus Aemilius Aemilianus was born in Mauretania in North Africa about A. D. 206. He replaced Trebonianus Gallus as Imperial Legate in Moesia in 251. He was not able to chase the Goths out of Roman territory, but he did boost Roman morale by crossing the Danube and taking the war to the Goths' homeland. This show of courage and initiative did him little good after he became emperor, though. He led a revolt against Gallus in 253 and offered Gallus' troops a bonus if they would desert and join his cause. Gallus and his son Volusianus were murdered by their own troops and Aemilianus became emperor. Upon hearing of Gallus' death, the legions on the Rhine made their highly popular legate Valerian emperor. Aemilian marched north from Rome to defend his throne and the two armies met near Spoletum. When Aemilian's troops learned that Valerian's force was much larger, they mutinied and murdered Aemilian and joined Valerian.

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