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Trebonianus Gallus

Emperor A.D 251 - 253

Gaius Vibius Trebonianus Gallus was the imperial legate for Trajan Decius' legions fighting the Goths on the Danube in Lower Moesia. The imperial legate was a special commander sent by the emperor who may or may not be an experienced general. He was proclaimed emperor after Decius' defeat and death in battle at the hands of the Goths. Gallus was emperor for two years and his son Volusian was made Caesar. Gallus was not very popular, probably because he made a peace treaty with the Goths after the battle in which Decius was killed. This treaty gave very favorable terms to the Goths but dishonorable terms to the Romans. Gallus was killed by mutinous troops in A. D. 251, who deserted and joined the forces of another imperial hopeful, Aemilianus.

During the reign of Gallus, one of the most severe of the periodic plagues which ravaged the Roman Empire broke out and raged for fifteen years. Hostilian, the younger son of Trajan Decius who was supposed to rule jointly with Gallus died of this plague but many Romans blamed Hostilian's death on Gallus.

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