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Pacatian and Jotapian

Usurpers ca. A.D 248

Like several other Third Century emperors, very little is known about these two rebel emperors. Most information historians have been able to gather about them has come from the coins they struck. It is fairly certain that neither reigned for more than a few days or weeks at most.

Pacatian seized power in Upper Moesia but was murdered by his own troops after a short reign. He struck coins at the mint in Viminacium, all of which are extremely rare.

Jotapian was raised to the purple in Syria by his troops, who were tired of the oppressive way the province was being governed. They rebelled against Priscus, the brother of Emperor Philip I and placed Jotapian on the throne. Jotapian ruled the provinces of Syria and Cappadocia for only a short time before he was murdered by his troops. His coins are all very rare.

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