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Caesar A. D. 317 - 326

Crispus was the eldest son of Constantine and his first wife, Minervina. He was born in A. D. 303 and was made Caesar in 316. He was Consul three times and governor of Gaul from the year 320. Crispus was also an able and popular military commander, winning victories against German barbarians. He commanded the naval fleet during the final war with Licinius and his son.

Constantine’s second wife Fausta accused Crispus of having an affair with her and plotting to overthrow Constantine and seize the throne. In a fit of anger, Constantine had his son killed. Later, it was discovered that Fausta had been lying. Perhaps she simply wanted Crispus out of the way so that her three sons Constantine II, Constantius II, and Constans would have no trouble inheriting the throne. Upon hearing of Fausta's duplicity and treachery, Constantine had her murdered in her bath. She was locked in and the temperature of the water was gradually raised so that she either suffocated due to the heat and steam or was actually boiled alive.

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