The historical information presented here is organized thematically into a series of timelines. Click on the links below to view the thematic timeline of your choice. The top of each timeline shows history from that thematic view from the earliest known events or discoveries onward. Scrolling down will advance events into the future. Dates of the events listed are in the left - hand column. Highlighted dates in the left - hand column will take you to that approximate date in this timeline when clicked. The left - hand column may also have highlighted words that will take you to that approximate date in another thematic timeline, but this feature is currently under development. You will find hypertext links sprinkled throughout the event descriptions in the right - hand column. These will link to related events or more interesting details about the event which may sometimes include images. To allow the timelines to load quickly over slower modem connections, there are no images in the timelines themselves. The images associated with the timelines are in the process of being prepared, so they won't be ready for a while.

The General Historical Events timeline is still in the process of preparation.

Information Revolution and Communications Technology

Transportation Technology

Military Technology and Metallurgy

A Few Selected Resources

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