Images Needed

I have been working on a multimedia resource on Roman history for the past two years. I am seeking royalty - free images for use in this project and I have many fine images of Roman coins to exchange along with license to use same, as they are entirely my own work. I intend to distribute this title amongst various school districts in several iterations of a beta release, and might even market it someday if there appears to be demand for it. I don't expect to become independently wealthy from the project, however.

I need images of the remains of ancient cities, their walls, buildings, roads, monuments, aqueducts, tombs, and buildings. I especially need shots depicting the fortifications and walls of Rome and Constantinopolis in which the defensive structures (crenelatons, ramparts, arrow loops, access structures) are clearly shown. I need images of monuments with Greek and Roman writing on them in as many different lettering styles as possible. I need photos of ancient manuscripts, in particular, Notitia Dignitatum.

These shots may be just lying around in someone's photo album from a previous trip to Europe, North Africa, or the Near East. Ideally, someone with a similar passion for details to mine will have taken some pictures that can illustrate a fact or concept discussed in text or clarify a discussion. If you are going to any of these places, please email me and we might discuss the matter. If you retake some nice shots that are already in books (God forbid you should take nicer ones!) then you will have some nice stock photography worth some money. If you email me, I can give you my own perspective, FWIW, on how to achieve nice results with inexpensive or older equipment.

In addition to exchanging some of my images for yours, I can digitize yours for you in exchange for their use. I am flexible when it comes to bargaining of this nature. If you are interested or can help, please email me at:

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