Some Special People

I would like to acknowledge some of the many people who have helped me to get where I am today, which is in a position to help present and future teachers to learn to accept, use, become proficient at, and embrace technology for enriching the learning experience of their students. This all takes place at the San Jose State University College of Education Technology Labs, but to me its a seat on top of the world. I've walked a long and interesting road getting here, and these are some of the people who helped me along the way with their talent, expertise, encouragement, and sometimes just a push in the right direction.


Lois King

Lois and I were married on September 14, 1977 and she has stayed loyal to me for the last eighteen years. A lover of art, Russian history, fine international cooking, and occasionally " Baiting the Bird" (that's Me!), she still finds time to give her daughters a helping hand and spoil the grand kids. She can tell you what's going on with the Royal Family in England. We do the Renaissance Faire, various Scottish Highland games, airshows, and military vehicle meets together. Hey, she's even getting to computers a little bit! She's always been the only one for me.

I couldn't have made it without her.

The Boss

Marilyn Kupcho

My current employer

They don't get any better.

Marilyn is the lab manager for the four College of Education Technology Labs at San Jose State University. She runs a tight ship, but the staff and students using her labs seem to have more freedom and flexibility than in other labs. There's always something to learn, and we learn from each other. Everything I have ever learned about a Mac was accomplished using one of her computers. The students and the professors are in good hands while she's in charge.

Missy and Jim Fox

My sister and brother - in - law
Missy has always loved and looked after me like only the best of sisters could. When things seemed the toughest, Jim always reminded me that I had more going for me than I gave myself credit for. They both encouraged me to go back to school after 25 years and give us a place to stay for the first couple of years.

They are both advanced lapidaries and mineral collectors. Jim loves soccer and football and is undoubtedly watching the Superbowl as I type this. Missy collects rose bushes and has 47 different ones.


Marc Goldman

Marc and I go back to the dinosaurs. I mean, do you remember vacuum tubes? Once upon a time a terminal was not a piece of emulation software on a computer but a Teletype Model 15. That's about 250 pounds of pure, grade A boat anchor!

here's a list of our favorite quotes:

  • Vy a duck, Vy not a chicken --- Marx Brothers
  • Aroar Har -- What did he say? --- Blazing Saddles
  • Singing telegram for Mongo! --- Blazing Saddles
  • Live stim (steam), Sleepy stim --- The Sand Pebbles
  • It's his rice bowl --- The Sand Pebbles
  • Ronald likes telephones ... tapes matches to the bell ringer, soaks them in gasoline ... What do you when you get bored, Ronald? Make a telephone call. --- Backdraft

The McGrew Family

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The Kranz Family

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Dr. Robertta Barba

Instructional Technology Master's Degree Program at San Jose State University College of Education.

Taking one of her classes is pure fun. She moves right along at about 640 knots and there is a ton of work to do if you want to do a nice job on her assignments. She is an excellent teacher of instructional design principles and her methodology is mostly hands - on, production oriented. She teaches advanced computer graphics and design for IT students, Emerging Technology, classes on basic and advanced instructional design principles and theory, research methodology, and the EDIT 186 Introduction to media class.

She is always doing a Web page or a new multimedia product and will take the time to show a student some of her latest techniques for using an authoring program, designing a Web page or tuning up an application. She's got an incredible amount of energy.

Dr. Johanna Keirns

Dr. Keirns' strong suit is the teaching of learner theory and the more sophisticated concepts of instructional design. She teaches EDIT 200, the introductory Instructional Technology prerequisite class. She also teaches the research methodology class and EDIT 235, Designing Self - Paced Learning. This class provides solid grounding in the principles of designing instructional modules and software for a wide diversity of learners. By incorporating small steps, learner interaction with content, self pacing, and immediate feedback to the learner, we can successfully design a programmed instruction book, an on - line tutorial, or a computer game where learning is the intended outcome of instruction rather than just a by - product. Her classes cover a lot of difficult concepts and move at a rapid pace, but you're a much better instructional designer after you have taken them.

Dr. Judith Lessow-Hurley

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Dr. Ron MacBeath

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Dr. Karen Reynolds

Dr. Reynolds teaches science methods courses to College of Education students and teacher candidates. She also teaches a course titled Learning in a High Tech Environment as well as supervising student teachers during their two semesters of student teaching on - site in the school districts around San Hose, California. She has always got some new, imaginative thing relating to science or technology to show her students and it is fun to be around when she is teaching a class.

Though I've never taken any of her classes, I've had the pleasure of participating in some of her demonstrations and preparing equipment for the use of her students. She will tell you straight to your face when you are headed for trouble and she has done so for me on several occasions. Not many people have the courage to do that. She has been there for me in times of crisis. All the content and images I use in the work I publish or release for others' use either belong to me or I have obtained permission from the rightful owners. Dr. Reynolds has always placed primary importance on these principles of professional conduct concerning intellectual property. Many of the students, myself included, owe her our thanks for that.

Dr. Sidney Tiedt

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